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The Buster Goss Body Shop, Shorty's Performance Shocks, M&L Trucking, Events Plus, Team24x Dinosaur was 6th fastest at Dixie Speedway Saturday night.  Michael passed two cars in the first two laps and settled in 4th position as the field strung out caution free to the finish.

Going into the Rome Boss, Michael was in an even tie for the 2014 Track Championship.  In qualifying the #24x was just .2 off of the pole but disaster struck.  The engine suffered a valve spring failure and could have more damage than we could see at the race track.  Team 24x went to work on the back up car and would have to start last in the feature.  Michael put on a show passing cars high and low determined to get in position to win.  With 9 laps to go the two, tied for 1st in Championship Points, were battling it out inside the top 5 with Michael riding the high side.  With 7 to go they were still side by side when out of turn 4 a car in front of the two had a LR tire blow out and nearly stopped on the front straight-away.  Michael was pinched up on the high side and had no where to go and no way to avoid contact taking out the whole RF suspension ending our night and our chances for a Third Championship in 2014.  

We started out this year without a ride and Buster Goss gave Michael a phone call.  If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here.  Thank you Buster and the folks at Goss Body Shop, Shorty's Shock Service, M&L Trucking, Events Plus, Team24x, our Fans... and everyone else that makes this happen.   

Thank you for your outstanding support.
Michael Page,
Team18x & Team24x


2014 ~ Results

1/5 ~ The Ice Bowl ~ Talladega Short Track ~ 2nd Crate (light at scales)
2/8 ~ Cabin Fever ~ Boyd's Speedway ~ 1st Crate 
3/8 ~ Modoc 100 ~ Modoc Speedway ~ 2nd Crate
3/23 ~ 441 Speedway ~ 3rd Crate
4/19 ~ TST ~ 1st Crate
4/26 ~ Rome Speedway ~ 2nd Crate
5/17 ~ Dixie ~ 2nd SLM
5/24 ~ Dixie ~ 7th SLM
5/25 ~ Rome ~ (DNF) SLM
6/7 ~ Dixie ~ (DNF) SLM
6/14 ~ Dixie ~ 1st SLM
6/21 ~ Dixie ~ (DNF) SLM
6/28 ~ Dixie ~ 1st SLM
6/29 ~ Rome ~ (DNF) SLM
7/12 ~ Dixie ~ 3rd SLM
7/26 ~ Dixie ~ 1st SLM
7/27 ~ Rome ~ 4th SLM
8/2 ~ Dixie ~ 2nd SLM
8/16 ~ Dixie ~ 5th SLM
8/23 ~ Dixie ~ 2nd SLM
8/30 ~ Dixie ~ 4th SLM
8/31 ~ Rome ~ DNF SLM

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